Thursday, 4 December 2008

Girona, the jewish heritage

Visit Girona Known as the Florence of Catalonia because of its charm and magnificient architectural and artistic heritage.
Once an important Jewish centre, it definetely deserves a trip if you want to discover this unique town on the river Ter, not far from the Costa Brava.
Easily explored in a day, Girona’s historic sights reflect its long fascinating history. Visible from most points in the city and a five-minute walk down hill from the Jewish quarter, the Gothic Cathedral dates from 1416 and contains stunning stained glass windows and the world’s largest single-naved vault. Up a monumental flight of 90 steps and inside are: a 10th century copy of a Beatus manuscript “Commentary on the Apocalypse,” the best preserved Romanesque tapestry in Europe and an enormous 19th century organ.