Monday, 10 November 2008

Barcelona, the trip of a lifetime.

This month we're going to talk about Barcelona. I find that in Barcelona there's really loads of energy. The centre is exciting, everybody wants to go to the centre of the city. And sometimes I think it's mad the amount of people you can find... Like a crossroads of different cultures and different customs. Here there's a bit of everything for everybody, I suppose. And you can find it, if you walk round the streets.

Well, yes, all those contrasts between quiet, little squares (plazas) and streets full of stores. You can walk down those streets, go shopping, and then go to a street a bit outside the centre and find a place without so many people and relax... gardens, under the shade of the trees...

I like the diversity of Barcelona and surrounding area. For me, it's unique, and I'm not exaggerating, really I'm not. Because, it's awesome how you can be on the beach one moment and, then, get on a train and fifteen minutes later be in the mountains.

It's so easy to meet people... You go to a hostel, and everybody there want to meet new people. And if you worry that "I'm not going to  meet anybody", just forget your worries, because it happens naturally, it happens simply because everybody is in the same boat. People think: "Oh, I won't meet anybody interesting". And as soon as people realize that you need to meet somebody, the come up to meet you.

Barcelona for me is that: simply having the chance to experience this atmosphere, this attitude people have. You can look them in the eye, and they will look at you same way and smile.... people more are open. 

Let's discover together through this blog the authentic Barcelona! Anyway, if you have the opportunity to come here, don't pass it up.  

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