Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The nightlife in Barcelona

Anyone and everyone can find a place to go out in Barcelona. The city is thriving with a vast array of interesting places, each providing a different, distinct atmosphere to fit your mood. You can find all kinds of locales, from national to international, laid back pubs and bustling discos
The popularity of some places depends on the time of year it is... in the summer those terraces on the beach are most popular and in the winter people flock to old town (Barrio Gótico)

Barcelona nightlife is one of the best in all of Spain. And much like the rest of the country, it starts later than most are used to; therefore it also goes longer, usually into the early hours of the following day. There are endless bars and pubs lining the streets in the different districts of the city, along with different kinds of clubs and discos. With the time to eat dinner being so late in the evening, it is common that most of the bars and discos don't fil up with people until late as well.

My selection of Nightclubs

SALA APOLO. The Apolo Club, one of my favorite clubs, has 2 different spaces: Sala Apolo and la [2] de Apolo. The club is a cocktail of music, hip hop, funk, rock, indie, fusion and techno. Famous also for the music of national and international DJ's. It is also frequented by new generations. Open until 5:00am. 
Address: C/Nou de la Rambla 113 (Paral·lel L3)
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SALA RAZZMATAZZ. Five totally different clubs in one. You can find the RAZZ Club with rock, techno, pop, punk... the POP Bar with pop and indie-pop; REX room with technopop, gothic rock, minimal pop; the LOFT for the lovers of techno and LOLITA with electropop, electropunk and house. This club is famous for its concerts with national and international artists. Don't forget to eat churros with a hot chocolate near the subway of Marina after dancing all night!
Address: Almogàvers, 122 (Bogatell L4  / Marina L1 )
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