Sunday, 30 November 2008

Skating in Barcelona

Barcelona is fast becoming the skate capital of the world, with innumerable aspects conspiring to create the most amenable environment to the sport.
The climate makes it possible to skate year-round, the authorities are lax, and the dynamic hip-hop/graffiti/street culture ensures plenty of like-minded people.

The APB (Associació de Patinadors de Barcelona) is a non-profit-making entity whose goal is encouraging inline skating in Barcelona.
They organize weekly free routes through the city. They start each friday at 22.30h in Passeig Marítim with C/Ramón Trias Fargas (close to Vila Olímpica) and their lenght varies between 14Km and 18Km.
These tours have the permit of the city administration, and they are guided by a group of volunteers (stoppers) who control the traffic.
If you'd rather discover Barcelona through a different way, and you like skating, don't hesitate to contact with this entity.

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